How Bree Tanner Got Her Life Back, Chapter 10

Jasper town site

Jasper town site (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bree returned to the house, but Carlisle was gone. Probably headed back to the hospital to deal with the mysterious girl who was the subject of an argument between him and Rosalie.

Speaking of which, Rosalie too had left the house, with Emmett chasing after her. Alice and Jasper were in their room and Edward was out, leaving Bree to herself.

She spent a long time just thinking about what she had seen and how she got to this place. She knew that had she given up, she could have been a victim of human trafficking or worse. She could have been forced to return to her abusive father, never to leave his house as long as she lived.

Bree found herself crying once again; this time, she hated herself for running away and not getting help for her problems. She didn’t know why she was even still alive at this point.

For now, Bree had to face her past.


Jacquelyn was now fully awake, and truly upset.

She found out that her first baby had died and that a second baby had been born too small. He was too tiny to live, but he was alive anyhow.

She forced herself out of bed and walked to the neonatal intensive care unit, staring at the tiny little boy that was in an incubator. He was screaming and crying, and scores of doctors and nurses were checking in on him every 15 minutes.

But all the baby wanted was his mother.

Jacquelyn reached out to the baby, who grabbed her right middle finger with one hand. The baby stared at his mother with his pitch-black eyes, filling her with fear. The doctor noticed her and said, “Your son was born 12 weeks early, but you couldn’t tell just by his size.”

“How did he get those eyes?” said Jacquelyn. “All I know is that my family has had green eyes, but some of them had either blue eyes or gray eyes. I’m the only one who has a mixture of a blue eye and a silver eye. None of us have brown eyes, so how did he get black eyes?”

“We are still trying to figure that out,” said the doctor. “We believe that he may have been absorbed by his twin, but then he killed his twin, which in turn caused the first baby’s death.”

“Was it a boy or a girl?” Jacquelyn said in wonder about the fate of the first baby.

“Neither,” said the doctor. The baby began crying as a nurse came to give him some medicine. “The little one here is a boy, and as such, he requires a name.”

Jacquelyn wondered what name she would give the baby; she had no idea that the infant existed at all. Until now, that was. Carlisle approached her and said, “I see that you have recovered.”

“I do,” said Jacquelyn. “We spellcasters are very difficult to kill off. But why did the first baby die and he didn’t?”

Carlisle himself wondered the same thing as he watched the baby being weighed and measured. The baby screamed and cried as several other people came to stare at him. Carlisle gasped as the baby stared at him again with those dangerous black eyes. He barely registered a piece of paper being slipped into his hand; the paper read His name is Alexis Nicholas.


Edward and Bella continued talking as they stared at Bella’s notes. Earlier, Bella had to reassess what she really wanted out of life. She knew she loved Edward, but did she really want to go through with the marriage?

“We have a year, Bella,” said Edward. “One year. Let’s not rush into this.”

“You heard what they said,” said Bella. “Either I am changed before the year is out, or they’ll destroy us all.”

“If they even try to hurt you, I will hurt them back,” said Edward. “We do not need the Volturi hovering above us. Let us take our time with this relationship.”

“What about Jacob?” said Bella.

“Don’t worry about Jacob,” said Edward. “He will imprint on another girl and leave you alone. It’s only a matter of time.”

Time, something that we truly don’t have, Bella thought to herself as she sat back in her seat. She knew that in the coming weeks, she and Edward would be getting married and going away to college. Charlie would be by himself once again.

She couldn’t allow that to happen at all.

Maybe I should skip college and start working, Bella thought. She wondered how long she would have before she was to be turned.


Suddenly, she and Edward realized that they had just made a huge mistake.

Her Final Days Chapter 23

Where we last left off:

“We’d like to take you to the police station,” said Gerard.

“Indeed,” said Annmarie as she reached for her purse. She began wondering what are you up to this time, mom? Eversince dad died, you’ve been out of sorts. She decided that Rosalie would be leaving the nursing home as soon as she was found.

But what of Jill, she thought. She was 17 years old, raising a baby, and forced to work in a bar in order to make money. Annmarie planned to get Jill out of that place and into her home. That girl shouldn’t have to suffer any further abuse.

Little did she know that her mother’s secret past was about to come out…

Annmarie frowned as she tried to process what was going on at the police station. Her mother and niece had both vanished without a trace and no one knew what had become of baby Emmett. Something wasn’t right and she was going to find out the truth.

Carlisle Cullen was also summoned to the station, as his house was the only house that was located in the woods. When questioned, Carlisle claimed that the baby had showed up at his house just hours before Rosalie and Jill were reported missing.

Later that night, after baby Emmett was put to bed, Esme looked at Carlisle and said, “I wonder if there’s more to this baby than we initially thought. Who knows who this little baby belongs to.” Carlisle said nothing, but continued to gaze at the sleeping baby.

Just then, there was another baby’s cry being heard all over the house. “We found another lost baby,” Alice cried out as the Cullen family rushed to the living room. “It’s a little boy.”

“I see,” said Carlisle as he stared at the little boy. He appeared to be about 6 months old, with pale skin, brown eyes and brown hair. “Where did you find him?”

“In the woods,” said Emmett. “He was just sitting there, crying. No one else was around.”

“The poor little thing,” Esme said as she reached out for the little boy. “Are you sure you didn’t see his parents?”

“There was no one else,” said Jasper as he came into the room.

“Indeed,” said Carlisle. “I guess we better inform the Wolves to be on the lookout for anyone else wandering around in the woods. Who knows who else we may find in the woods.”

Everyone nodded as they thought of Bree, Riley, and Laurent, who they had found in the woods during several previous searches. Right now, Edward and Bella were teaching them how to hunt for food.

Carlisle said, “We’ll start back up in the morning; someone is bound to show up sooner or later.” The others nodded and then headed off to bed, not knowing that within the next few hours, something would change their family forever…

Her Final Days Chapter 21

Rosalie gasped as Ephraim said to her, “You and your granddaughter are in grave danger, for the witch is here. She wishes to harm you…”

Just then, a cackling voice was heard. “I have you two now,” the witch laughed as she used vines to tie up Rosalie and Jill. Jill screamed in horror as she was being taken away…

Edward rushed home and saw Jacquelyn, Ezra, Embry, and Sam staring at a small baby. Baby Emmett laughed as he stared at a huge black wolf that was staring at them. He said, “What’s going on here?”

“We found a lost baby,” said Sam. “He was just wandering around in the woods.” Ezra started to speak but Sam silenced him with a cruel look. He then said, “Where are the others?”

They are on their way here,” said Edward. “Charlie and Sue are shocked that their grandchildren are wolves, but they’ll get over it. We are quite shocked about this, as the Swan family is not Quileute. I bet that Darius’s sisters might have children who could be phasing.”

“Not really,” said Sam. “I spoke to Lorena and Lucy and their children cannot phase, as their fathers are not Quileute. But I know for a fact that their grandchildren could be next to phase should you return here.”

“Perhaps,” said Edward. He eyed the wolf and said, “Why is he here?”

“He is our ancestor,” said Sam. “Taha Aki cannot come to us in his human form, so he assumed the form of a wolf. He claims that he’s here to help us deal with the witch.”

“I see,” said Edward. “Ezra, you have something that’s bothering you. You must say it now or you’ll never get a second chance.”

“Ezra must keep quiet,” said Sam. “As a member of my pack…”

“He has not joined your pack yet,” said Embry.

“He is your son and he can phase,” said Sam. “So he’s joining the pack.”

“Not without his mother’s consent he doesn’t,” Jacquelyn snapped as she stared at Sam. Sam growled at her and she said, “One move and I take him back to Tacoma.”

Embry glared at Sam and Sam backed down. “This isn’t over yet,” said Sam. “I will know the truth.”

Ezra said to him, “Know this, Sam. “I know who Emmett’s mother is. She lives with her grandmother at the nursing home.”

“What was his mother’s name?” said Embry.

“Her name is Jill Durham and her grandmother’s name is Rosalie Durham,” said Ezra.

Edward’s face paled as he heard the name Rosalie. “You sure it’s Rosalie?”

“Why should she not be Rosalie?” Embry said. “She might have decided to stay here while we mourned her death and you guys moving away. To think that she had been living under our noses the whole time. My wife had known her through the church and we’ve known them for years. But I never suspected that she could be…her.”

“I knew it was too good to be true,” said Sam. “She fooled us all. This travesty cannot go unpunished. I say we march down to the nursing home and demand some answers. She and her granddaughter will be squealing when we get through with them.”

Just then, the entire Cullen family and the wolves marched through through the house, effectively ending the conversation. Carlisle said, “We have agreed that the training will take place here, where no one can see us. We are still debating if Ezra will be allowed to join the pack…”

“He will,” said Sam, “as soon as his mother and Embry admit to their little tryst…”

“They will not,” said Quil, “because there was no tryst between Jacquelyn and Embry.”

“Unless the Cullens are hiding something from us,” said Brady.

Everyone glared at him and Paul said, “Be careful, for we’ve been hiding things from them as well.”

“Maybe it’s time that we stop hiding things from each other,” said Edward. “You know I can hear your thoughts.”

“Darn!” yelled Colin. “He’s found us out.”

“Too bad you can’t find us out,” said Emmett. “Now, who’s ready to get their butts spanked at Texas Hold’Em?”

While several wolves took offense to that and began planning revenge on Emmett, Jacquelyn and Embry had escaped to Jacquelyn’s room. “That was way too close,” she cried out.

“Indeed,” said Embry. “Sam nearly busted us.”

“Why do I have a feeling that we’ll eventually get…caught in the act?” Jacquelyn sighed as she flopped onto her bed. Embry sat next to her and said, “Hopefully, not by Sam. He’s already on to us. We better not give him a reason to catch us. If he does, then you’ll never see Tacoma again.”

“I hope not,” Jacquelyn said as she faced him. “Maybe we should have told the truth about the imprint in the beginning. That would clear up so many things.”

Embry frowned, but he knew that Jacquelyn was right. To keep the imprint a secret was a bad idea, but to have it exposed would make it so much worse. Maybe Quil did know the truth, but refused to say anything. He would have a chat with him later.

But for now, it was about him and Jacquelyn.

FanFiction Trailer #4

Coming soon to a fan fiction website near you…

In a world that has people obsessed with vampires and werewolves, one man sets off to create a truly terrifying creature that would have everyone talking for years to come.

But in the process of creating that creature and its story, he runs into a bit of trouble when the creature comes to life and begins telling him what to do! 

And to make matters worse, the hordes of vampire and werewolf fans are trying to get him to join the craze! 

How will this play out?

Emmett: I want to play the crazy guy!

Jacquel: No you can’t, Emmett. I haven’t even gotten the script ready yet!

Sam: So will there be any steamy love scenes in this story?

Jacquel and Emmett: Shut up, Sam!

Pirates & Vampires & Lies, Oh My!

Shiny and colored objects usually attract Infa...

Image via Wikipedia


At a restaurant on the harbor, Emmett sat at a booth with a shot glass of wine in his hand. Three other men stared at him. Jacquelyn said, “You do realize that vampires can’t get drunk, right?”

“If only I could, then I could forget about her,” Emmett said sadly.

“Aaaaah, you not be needin’ to worry about that wench,” said Namard. “She not be worth your time.”

“What do you know of this?” Viko snapped at him. “This man has a broken heart. Can you at least show him some compassion?”

“Compassion?” Namard yelled. “You stupid boy, what do you take me for? I not be showing any compassion for those landlubbers!”

“Oh, will you both be quiet?” Harry Clearwater said, feeling quite forgotten. “He needs help.”

“Women aren’t much for ye, eh?” said Churnkins. To Jacquelyn, he said, “We be searching for you since those wretched fiends stole you from the boat.”

“Well, we should go back and confront them,” said Viko. “They are not honorable men; they are monsters.”

Emmett sighed and ignored the rest of the conversation. He was thinking about how he had become a vampire. Did Rosalie save him just to save his life, or was there some other ulterior motive behind the reason she had saved him? Whatever Jane said about that seemed like nonsense, but was it true? He knew that he would have to confront Rosalie about this, but right now, running away seemed to be the right answer.



Aro, Caius, and Marcus met in Marcus’s office; Marcus had found out about the creator of the tiny vampires who lived in the tower with the wives and had him destroyed. He also revealed that the Romanian Coven was behind the attacks on Jamey Walsh, Poppy & Pansy Brunswick, and Peony Hildebrandt.

“So, we have the Romanians, who blatantly disregarded our rules and created these four little things?” Caius said. “Why did you not destroy them when you had the chance?”

“You needed to hear this,” said Marcus. “They planned to unleash the children upon the unhappy human world.”

“Such a shame,” said Aro. “They will surely be destroyed for this. But how to get rid of them? They have many allies, both humans and vampires. How will we stop them if it was known what we have done to Jacquelyn Cullen?”

“Now would be the right time to talk to Carlisle Cullen and get his input on this matter,” said Aro as he picked up the phone. “But even then, he will get on our case regarding the poor girl.”

“As always,” said Caius as he turned to see Sulpicia, Athenodora, and the four little vampires staring at them.



The entire house was a mess.

Jane and Rosalie had gotten into a fight and since then, Jane was not happy. She had exposed a harsh truth about Rosalie and Emmett had overheard that truth. He ran off in anger.

Alec said to her, “Is this true? Did Rosalie plan to steal Jacquelyn’s babies?”

“Would I put it past her?” said Felix.

“After all, did Jane not say to her “I bet you’re glad she got knocked up; you just want to take her baby“? I bet Rosalie was planning to take the babies as soon as they were born,” said Demetri.

“So, shall we inform Aro that Jacquelyn has gone missing?” said Alec.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” said Demetri. “Aro canNOT know about this! Plus, what if some other vampire finds out about this? They could hold Jacquelyn hostage and have some kind of leverage over him.”

“And also, the Romanians could kidnap Jacquelyn and force those babies to fight against us,” said Jane. “Now, that would not be good.”

“So what do we do?” cried Esme. “Jacquelyn is vulnerable and fragile. She should be preparing to give birth, not running off. We must find her.”

“Well, it’s impossible to find her,” said Bruce and he and Wayne came inside. “She apparently covered her tracks. And who knows how many minds she wiped clean.”

Carlisle said, “We have to find her and fast. And if we find Emmett, that would be better. “Now let’s go!”

The Cullens and guards rushed out the house, completely unaware of a phone which rang incessantly…



“So you’re telling me that Henry Johnstone climbed the tree near Bella’s window and he fell to his death?” said Charlie.

Wilbert said, “little kids climb trees, and according to your friends Billy and Harry, they saw Henry try to climb the tree when he slipped and fell.”

Charlie shook his head wondering why Henry would kill himself over Bella. Even Wendell was smart enough to leave when he still had the chance. But there were more important things for him to worry about.

Mainly Bella.



“So let me get this straight?” Edward said to Jacob, “My family is here?”

“But as long as that bitch is here, you can’t go back to them,” said Jacob.

“Very well,” said Edward. “But I would like to see them anyway.”

Sam came to the house and said, “Jacob, we have a problem. You must come immediately.”

“Why?” said Bella.

“Jacquelyn has gone missing and a human living in Forks has been turned, presumably by her,” said Sam.

“Let me go to her,” said Edward. “Only I can make her see reason. I know how she really is. She wanted me and only me; she once told a lie about Jacquelyn and it nearly destroyed our family.”

“Indeed,” said Sam, “but all the same, there’s no need for you to go to her, not when she may come to you.”

“Then we question her about everything, destroy her, and find the little one,” said Jared.

Edward frowned as he watched Jacob leave with Sam, Paul, and Jared. He knew he should be out there, helping to look for Jacquelyn. But until Tanya was caught and dealt with, he was still unsafe.

And then there were his growing feelings for Bella Swan for him to deal with.

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Her Final Days, Chapter 19

La Push, Washington

Image by VancityAllie via Flickr

Rosalie stepped out of the car and walked into the graveyard. Jill said, “Now why are we in a cemetery?”

Rosalie said, “Because this was where Ephraim was buried. His people have often claimed that he still walks here, but no one has actually seen him.”

Jill said, “Now why are we really in some Native American burial place?”

Rosalie frowned and began to let her mind wander…




Rosalie could hardly believe herself. One minute, she was angry and jealous, but the next minute, she was kissing Ephraim Black. This would not do at all.

Edward had confronted her about it later that day and warned her to stay away from the Quileute wolf. Ephraim could imprint at any time, and she had Emmett.

But she did not care; Rosalie had never felt this excited in years. it was like she had discovered the best thing in her life (save for the idea of love and marriage, that was).

Within a few days after that fateful kiss, Ephraim met with Carlisle and had him tell the tribe his life story. He even made Edward, Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie tell their life stories as well. Belle frowned, wondering why the blond girl had to describe the riches of high society when her mother and grandmother gave up that life years before she herself was born.

At length, the oldest member of the tribe stood up and said, “Now, this is intriguing. You say you are vampires, but you have not consumed human blood. Even if our greatest chief was alive, he too would be in this predicament. You must stay here for a few more days while we deal with this.”

Everyone was surprised, but William jumped around in joy; he was really getting attached to the Cullens, especially Emmett. Belle frowned, but she stared at Carlisle and Esme. Edward remained distant from everyone else, but Rosalie was conflicted. On one hand, she was a vampire and a Cullen, but for some reason, she had kissed Ephraim Black. This could be a problem if anyone were to find out.


Rosalie stopped in front of a grave and said to Jill, “This is where they buried him after his death.” Jill read the words:

Here lies Ephraim Black
Alpha Wolf and Chief of the Quileute Tribe
First ally of the Cullen Clan
March 18, 1890-May 17, 1972

Rosalie said, “He died years after my family had met him; he was old.”

“So why are we here?” Jill asked.

“He is coming to us,” Rosalie said as she stared at a dark cloud that lingered over the horizon. The sky was turning dark in anticipation of a great storm…


Sam frowned as he opened the door to the Cullen house and found Jacquelyn in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Ezra was still asleep; she would wake him up soon.

Sam said, “I’ve been wondering if you had a fling with Embry and that’s why Ezra is here.”

“Be careful of how you word that, Sam,” Jacquelyn snapped as she stared at him.

“I know there’s something going on between you and him,” Sam said. “I know that Ezra is Quileute, and you are the descendant of Isabella Braumlein, whose grandfather was also Quileute. Why do you deny your heritage?”

“I don’t,” said Jacquelyn, “but I believe that you are overstepping your boundaries. Your tribe is keeping something important from me and I want to know what it is. If my family is Quileute, then I need to know about my legacy so I can pass it on to Ezra.”

Embry stood at the door with an angry look on his face; he was not pleased to see Sam. Ezra was staring at the window, noticing that a great storm was about to occur…

True Colors

To be honest, Abe wasn't going to actually kil...

To be honest, Abe wasn’t going to actually kill Edward (Photo credit: claireviolet82)


After sitting in the cabin with an unhappy Riley Biers, Charlie Swan was sure he was going to die.

He sat in the corner of the cabin, wondering about how Bella was going to be able to survive without him. Sure she could take care of herself, he mused, but she would be better off if there was an adult around.

Riley complained about his situation; Tanya had bitten him three days earlier and killed his parents. She forbade him from eating (or in his case, drinking blood) and she refused to allow him to leave the cabin.

Charlie hoped that Deputy Chief of Police Wilbert McCray would get his message and come as quick as he could.


Aro and Caius sat in Aro’s office for two long hours awaiting that dreaded phone call. It never came, but the men grew suspicious.

Caius said, “Well, I think things are going…rather well.”

“We will know only if we are told,” said Aro.

Caius sighed and picked up the phone, only to hear Marcus say, “It’s true. I have spoken to them just hours ago. They want to destroy us by using those kids!”

“Come home immediately,” Aro warned. “We have to make plans on how to deal with them.”


Jacquelyn frowned as she sat on the couch; Mother Idelle had forbidden her from leaving the house, not when the birth of the babies would be imminent.

Jane and Rosalie were sitting by her, both of them glaring at each other. Alec, Felix, and Demetri were off hunting and the Cullens were out for the day.

Rosalie said to Jane, “Ok, so it may be your fault that Jacquelyn was raped, but does that mean you should be hovering over her?”

Jane said in turn, “And since she’s pregnant, why do YOU have to hover over her?”

Rosalie said, “Well, why should you care about Jacquelyn? You’re just Aro’s bitch!”

Jane growled and stood up. “I’m nobody’s bitch, you Great bastard child of a kooky wombat-brained orc! In fact, I believe that you want to take her baby and claim it as your own! Seeing as you don’t have children, or no baby would ever want you as its mother to begin with!”

Rosalie grew angry, but Jane continued, “And what about that Emmett, hmmm? I bet you changed him because he reminded you of some old friend’s baby…disgusting!”

Little did they know that Seth had been in the house and he overheard the whole thing. He phased and ran off to find Emmett.

Rosalie snapped, “You take that back!”

“No!” Jane yelled. “I’m done being nice to you! You have been nothing more than a thorn in my side for the past few weeks, and I’m getting real sick of your attitude! In fact, I think I will go tell everyone that you you are planning to take Jacquelyn’s babies and claim them as your own!”

Rosalie growled and said, “Would I, Janie? Would I?”

Jane lunged at her and the two vampires wrestled on the floor, both trying to tear each other to pieces. Jacquelyn had overheard everything and she wondered was this true? Did Rosalie really want to steal my babies? What about poor Emmett? What would he say if the truth behind how and why he was changed was revealed to him?

She wasn’t taking any chances now; she stood up and rushed out the door as fast as she could.


Bella was trying to save herself from the insanity of it all. I should have just taken him back, then dumped him again in front of everyone, she thought to herself as she wandered around the beach.

Presently, Edward came to her and said, “You are not happy.”

“No,” said Bella, “Henry had to kill his stupid self when I refused to take him back.”

Edward frowned, then said, “Sometimes in life, love doesn’t always work for everyone. In fact, many people who are together are unhappy because they were unsuited to be in a relationship.”

“I should have just taken him back,” Bella began.

“And you would never be happy,” said Edward. “You can’t just give up yourself and be in an unhappy relationship; that has led to divorces and suicides. What you must do is look at yourself and realize that the issue may lie with you.”

Bella knew Edward was right; she had spent many years looking after her flighty mother and when she did come to Forks, she always felt out of place. “I’m too mature for everyone here,” she said to herself. “I’ll never be normal enough for them. Boys need girls, not women.”

Edward said, “But when I first met you, you were normal.”

“Why do I always have to be the mature one?” Bella sighed.

“You never gave yourself the chance to have fun,” said Edward. “Anyone who has been in your shoes can say that their lives were never easy, so much depended on them. But you must learn to let yourself go. You’re too young to have this kind of crisis.”

Bella sighed and said, “Maybe you’re right, Edward. And then again, I must say that what you once had with Tanya was unhealthy and you needed to leave her. She had no right to treat you like this.”

Edward said, “And it will get worse if we don’t deal with her.” He turned his attention to the woods, or where a certain cabin was. “You must go to Jacob’s house and stay there tonight. I have a feeling that something very bad is going to happen.”

Bella nodded; from what she had heard from Edward, Tanya was a bad seed. But what would happen if she were to meet Tanya?


(Sevreal hours before)

Marcus frowned as he and his guards spoke to Stefan and Vladimir. Vladimir said, “Well, of course we have turned Jamey, Poppy, Pansy, and Peony; we’re going to use them to unleash terror upon the vampire world and the Volturi will be blamed.”

“You’re insane!” Renata cried out in horror.

“But when we recived word of Lucretia‘s destruction,” Stefan said, “we were filled with anger, not to say in the least. She was one of our top allies, and mate to our friend Alexander.” Alexander came forth and said to Marcus, “You will suffer the same fate as my Lucretia has if you ally yourself with the Volturi…”

Marcus stood up and said, “I am the Volturi, insolent boy. Now you shall die!” Renata and Santiago pounced on Alexander and tore him to pieces. Marcus said, “We now have prevented you from creating any more immortal children, but bear in mind that we will be destroying you if you dare to step out of line.” He tossed the remains of Alexander into the fireplace and Renata burned the remains. They then left the hotel.


It was now 9:30 PM and neither Charlie nor Riley had eaten anything all day.

They were sitting in the cabin, where they had been for the past 18 hours. Tanya was nowhere to be seen.

Charlie said to Riley, “You think we should make a run for it?”

“If we do,” said Riley, “she will find us.”

“Or someone else,” Charlie said. They stood up and walked towards the door to the cabin.

At the same time, Carlisle had taken Emmett and Jasper off to hunt, making sure that Alec, Demetri, and Felix were following them. But the guards were elsewhere, heading towards a cabin that sat in the woods. The cabin had a human in it, and the boys hadn’t eaten a human in weeks.

Emmett said, “Hey, where are you guys going?”

“There’s a human here,” said Alec. “I can smell it.”

“Alec,” Carlisle said with a stern look on his face.

“Why wouldn’t we pass up this opportunity?” Alec reasoned. He, Felix, and Demetri took off with Emmett following.

When Charlie opened the door to the cabin to make his escape, Alec and the others stopped in their tracks. “Holy crap!” Demetri cried out. “It’s a cop!”

“We can’t eat cops!” Felix cried out.

Carlisle said, “Charlie Swan, I deem?”

“Yes,” said Charlie. “And you better get this one something to eat soon, he’s famished.”

Riley nearly fainted as soon as he saw the Cullens. Emmett helped him up and said, “I hope you like bears, because that’s what’s on the menu tonight!”

And as he and Jasper dragged Riley off, Carlisle said, “You might want to come to our house. You look famished. I’ll call the police and tell them I found you.”

Charlie nodded and they set off towards the Cullen house.


Esme and Alice walked into the house and gasped in horror as they saw part of the living room damaged and Jane and Rosalie fighting. Jacquelyn was nowhere to be seen.

Esme cried out, “What is going on here, you two? Where’s Jacquelyn?”

“She ran off because of what Jane said,” said Seth. “She said that Rosalie was planning to take Jacquelyn’s babies. Jane even said that Rosalie changed Emmett because he reminded her of some friend’s baby!”

Just then, they heard the sound of a Jeep taking off. “Emmett, come back!” Jasper was heard yelling.

Carlisle frowned as he and Charlie walked into the house; Jacquelyn was gone and Emmett had just abandoned the family. Things were falling apart and Rosalie seemed to be at fault.

Jane said, “Forget what you said about respecting Rosalie; she’s not even worth being a Cullen! When Caius finds out about this, he’ll have you executed!”

“I don’t care!” Rosalie snapped.

“You better,” said Alec. “With Jacquelyn running around, anyone will find out about her and tell Aro. You’re finished now, Rosalie Hale.”


Jacquelyn looked around her as she wandered the harbor. She was unsure of where to go, but she needed to leave this place tonight.

Emmett saw her and said, “Come on, we’re heading to Seattle.”

“Where’s Rosalie?” Jacquelyn cried out.

Emmett sighed and said, “She’s not coming with us.”

Harry Clearwater spotted them and said, “Why are you here? Do you know that it is unsafe for a woman with her condition to be out at night?”

“I’ll look after her,” Emmett offered.

“But still, I’d rather get her to a safe place,” said Harry. “We don’t know who else could be out there who might want to harm her.”

As the confrontation between Harry and Emmett continued, Viko watched from the sidelines. He wasn’t too happy about seeing poor Jacquelyn’s new condition. Vampires and werewolves fighting over her future and she wasn’t allowed to have her say in it.

Viko thought maybe if we brought her back to the Pirate Jet, things will be better for her. We’ll make those three vampire jerks sorry they ever hurt her in the first place!

Namard yelled out, “Viko, you waste of space! What is keeping you? We be sailing in the morning! Captain Churnkins is not patient!”

“Namard, you be bursting a blood vessel if you keep yelling at the boy!” Churnkins snapped as he approached them. “Now what’s this that you be yelling at him about?”

“It’s the little one,” said Viko. “I’ve found her. But she not be the same one we know. She’s changed.”

“If it be her that you found,” Churnkins said, “then we be having a word with those vampires. They have no right to be harming her.”

“Captain Churnkins?” Jacquelyn cried out. They all stared at her.

What do we do now?

The Volturi, from left to right: Alec, Marcus,...

The Volturi, from left to right: Alec, Marcus, Aro, Caius, and Jane, from The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bella frowned as she woke up late the next day; she wasn’t feeling well and she also was not about to face everyone in the school. Not after what had happened with Henry the night before.

But in her defense, he had brought it upon himself.

Billy and Harry had called the police and they claimed that Henry had gotten drunk and tried to climb the tree that was in front of Bella’s window, but he slipped and fell, resulting in his death.

Even then, the truth of what happened that night could never be revealed, not as far as those three vampires were concerned…


Marcus followed a beautiful woman to a nearby hotel. The hotel was a hotbed for the elite Romanians. How can they live this way while millions starve to death in the streets? Marcus thought to himself as he walked up a flight of stairs to the suite, where he was planning to meet with some vampire informants who had information on the brothers Vladimir and Stefan.

After all, he needed information in order to confront the older vampires about their role in the immortal children‘s existence.


Athenodora smiled as she put the tiny vampires down for a nap, not that they actually needed naps, but she wanted them out of the way while she spoke to Caius.

Sulpicia smiled as she watched Athenodora leave the tower. She knew her fellow sister was still angry with Caius regarding his treatment of Jacquelyn Cullen and she was not happy to hear that said young vampire was pregnant with her husband’s child.

Caius was sitting in his office when his angry wife burst in. She said, “I’m hearing that Miss Jacquelyn could be expecting a son. Is that true?”

Caius said, “I don’t believe that Carlisle Cullen has told us anything regarding the child.”

“But I hope he goes after you for what you did to his daughter!” Athenodora cried out in anger. “What you have done to Didyme was unforgivable, and even then I could tolerate you. But Jacquelyn was just a young girl when you raped her and you hurt her in so many ways that she cringes in fear whenever you approach her.”

“If you knew the truth about her, then you’ll know why,” Caius shot back. Athenodora stared at him in anger. “Her mother was involved with a werewolf,” Caius snapped. “It was already bad enough when that werewolf tried to kill me all those years ago, but knowing what she was and that Carlisle decided to keep her, that was the final straw! I had to punish her for that.”

Athenodora said, “But you can’t just hurt her because her father was a werewolf, Cai. What if her mother never knew about him?”

“But still, Jacquelyn…would have been human, and as such, we know the laws, Dora. Humans cannot know that vampires exist. But she did. She needed to be punished for that, and her stubbornness only made me angrier. How can she be like that? Who told her to be so cruel and disrespectful towards us? We rule this world, God damn it!!!”

Athenodora said, “If I were you, I’d deal with that Rosalie Hale. She seems to be the one who’s been feeding Miss Jacquelyn the poison that made her so stubborn. I never liked her and I believe she’s wrong for Emmett.”

“Are you suggesting that Jacquelyn could be Emmett’s true mate?” Caius snapped in anger.

“I was only making a suggestion,” Athenodora snapped in anger. “I just want Rosalie out of the picture. Maybe get Emmett another mate.” She stared at a portrait of Jacquelyn for a moment and then said, “I really hope it is a daughter for your sake.”

She then walked out of the room before Caius could get another word in.

Aro had seen the whole thing and he said to Caius, “Be careful that she does not…harm you. We both may have hurt Jacquelyn, but you’ll be paying for it be it a son or a daughter.”

Caius said, “Even then, we will have to wonder what is going on with our guards. It’s already bad enough that they have to drink only animal blood, but to be…polite is not what our Jane and Alec are. Sometimes I wonder what might have been if they were…nicer.”

“Indeed,” said Aro. “And yet again, Carlisle will be calling us again, and he’ll be angry as usual. I hope he doesn’t destroy us some day.”

“Me neither,” Caius frowned as they braced themselves for that inevitable phone call…


Mother Idelle sighed as she took another look at Jacquelyn’s rapidly growing belly. She stood up and said, “There are two of them. One has had the power to stop its growth for many years, but that power has waned. Now they are both trying to grow quickly, even quicker than expected.”

The Wolves frowned as they stared at the young vampire, all knowing that they must find out who she is, before it was too late for all of them…



While Bella was beginning the fight to save her sanity, Charlie found himself trapped in a cabin. Which was where Riley Biers was.

“Riley?” He cried out.

“That bitch stuck me in here!” Riley cried out in anger. “So help me God, I will destroy her! She’ll never escape what’s coming to her!”

Charlie frowned as he listened to Riley’s rant. After reporting his location, he settled down to wait this out.

It was going to be a long day for him…

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Her Final Days Chapter 15

The Cullens as portrayed in New Moon: (from le...

The Cullens as portrayed in New Moon: (from left) Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rosalie frowned as she and the rest of the family were pursuing their latest 4-legged conquest through the woods of La Push. It was not yet summer, and she had been a vampire for the last 3 years of her life.

At first, the Cullen family had consisted of Carlisle, Esme, and Edward. Last year, Emmett had joined the family. Emmett was a happy guy who just happened to be in the woods when he was mauled by a bear. Rosalie saw the bear and tore it to pieces. She then found Emmett and brought him to the Cullen’s house, begging Carlisle to save his life.

Within a few days, Emmett McCarty Cullen had been reborn.

His addition to the Cullen family was a happy one; he was generally a happy guy who liked to play practical jokes on people. He even didn’t seem to mind the Cullen diet of eating animals, as he grew up in the woods and often hunted for his family’s meals.

When the Cullens went on that fated trip to La Push, they had no idea that they were being followed…

7-year-old William Johnson had snuck away from his foster parents for the third time that day. His exasperated babysitter, a girl named Isabella Braumlein, was chasing after him. She was 17 years old and already too old to be running about with the younger children.

But when she caught up to William, they could not believe what they saw before them: a group of people eating a deer. Belle knew that the Quileutes hunted deer and other mammals, but these people were vampires. Eating a deer in broad daylight.

Guess Old Bram Stoker got it wrong, she thought to herself as she reached for her charge. She was sure Mr. Stoker had gotten many other things wrong about vampires as well.

Carlisle turned and saw a young boy staring at him. So did the others. Rosalie stared out the corner of her eyes and there was a group of men staring at the Cullens. Belle and William’s disappearance into the woods had certainly brought attention to the Wolves.

A stern look from Jack Clearwater told William that he was in big trouble while a softer look from Mercutius Black told Belle to have patience for William, as the boy had lost his parents when he was a small boy.

One of the Wolves said, “Why do you invade our lands?”

“We were in the pursuit of our meal,” said Carlisle.

“Why would your meal be in the form of a deer and not a human?” said another Wolf.

“I guess Bram Stoker just doesn’t understand vampires,” said the third Wolf.

“I think he lied about vampires,” said Jack. “He lied about vampires and vilified them. But here, we see them as creatures that can be…tamed.”

“My name is Carlisle Cullen,” said Carlisle, “and this is Edward, Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie. What are you called?”

“I am known as Ephraim Black,” said Ephraim, “and this is Levi Uley, Quintus Ataera, Jack Clearwater, and Mercutius Black. The children are named William Johnson and Isabella Braumlein.”

Emmett laughed as he looked at the little boy. “You’re weird,” said William.

“William!” Belle snapped as she stared at him. “Don’t call him that!”

“I don’t mind,” said Emmett. “It’s not every day we meet people like you.”

Rosalie looked with regret at the young girl standing among the men. She was just 17, but held her own with the men. Ephraim said, “You shall stay with us until we can figure out what to do with you.” He led the Cullen family into the village, with scores of Quileutes staring at the vampires as they passed by.

For the next few days, the Alpha Wolf and the Elders of the village held a huge debate about what to do with the Cullens. They were vampires, but yet, they feasted on animals. There was one question that no one could answer: “Should the Cullen Coven be destroyed?”

Edward and Emmett had built a small house for the family to stay in, assisted by the ever inquisitive William. Rosalie had taken to wandering the village, with the girls all glaring at her with jealousy; Esme was busy helping the boys and Carlisle was called to treat Belle’s grandmother Irma, who had accidentally cut her hand while slicing vegetables.

While the older woman sat in an old chair healing from her injuries, Belle had insisted that Carlisle drink some tea, which she claimed could help control a vampire’s habits and behavior. Carlisle had politely declined, but that didn’t stop Belle from offering tea to her grandmother.

Rosalie looked upon Belle with hatred, the same look she would later give to Jacquelyn (Belle’s granddaughter) and Bella Swan herself. Just then, Ephraim approached her, saying, “You do not appear to be friendly.”

“Why do you say that?” she snapped.

“I have observed your clan,” said Ephraim, “and from what I see, your leader is also a doctor, and he is willing to help people; his mate is a kind-hearted woman who cares for others despite her…vampiric nature. Those two young men are both hardworking and a delight, but as for you…you appear to have a heart that’s made from stone.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” said Rosalie.

“It does a person no good when they have a heart of stone,” said Ephraim. “I know your story, Rosalie Hale. You were one of the richest girls in Rochester, engaged to marry one of the richest men in the city. But his friends attacked you and left you to die. Carlisle Cullen noticed you and he refused to allow you to die, so he rescued you…”

Rosalie glared at Ephraim as he repeated everything that he was told about her. How dare he know everything about me! she fumed in anger. Who does he think he is? But all the same, Ephraim had the right to know everything about the Cullens, as no one still knew what to do with them.

Just then, to her shock, Rosalie found herself crying.

She never really cried before; she thought that crying was a sign of weakness. But how and why she was crying now just didn’t make sense. Neither did the fact that she felt an arm snake around her and she found herself sobbing into Ephraim’s shoulders.

Ephraim looked around him, then at the girl he held in his arms. Not even Belle Braumlein would dare allow herself to get that close to any young man, and certainly *not* before she turned 18 years old. But this was Rosalie Hale, and she was never really open about her feelings before, not even when she had gotten Emmett.

Rosalie wanted to scold herself for crying, but she couldn’t. Not when she was reminded of how and why she became a vampire. She had been young and foolish and loved the whole idea of love and marriage. She thought that Royce had loved her. She had allowed that idea to cloud her judgment and she felt that her vampirism was a punishment for her foolishness.

How right she was.

But then, something had happened, something that she did not foresee. Something that, if anyone had found out, could ruin whatever new life that she had created with Emmett.

Rosalie Hale had kissed Ephraim Black.

The True History of the Cullen Family, chapter 2

And when Carlisle died, the following events didn’t happen…
  1. Because Carlisle died, he never got to save Edward Masen from certain death in 1918. Instead, the servants who worked for the Masen family all wept for the brave young man who dreamed of becoming a concert pianist, but would never have a chance to make his dreams come true.
  2. Because Carlisle died, he never got to meet Esme Platt Evensen, nor did he save her after she jumped off a cliff and died in 1921. Instead, Esme was brutally murdered by her husband, Charles, in 1920. Charles was arrested for his wife’s murder and executed in 1922.
  3. Because Carlisle died, he never got to rescue Rosalie Hale when she was raped and murdered in 1933. Everyone in Rochester, New York was horrified when they discovered that the beautiful bride-to-be was dead. But an African-American named Benjamin Jones had witnessed Royce King II and his friends raping Rosalie and informed the police, which led to the men being arrested and sent to Sing Sing Prison for the rest of their lives.
  4. Because Carlisle died, he never got to save Emmett McCarty when he was attacked by a bear in 1933. In fact, Emmett’s oldest brother had banished him from the family home in anger, and the younger McCarty boy went for a walk in the woods. A young woman saw the attack and killed the bear. But Emmett would never walk in the woods again, for he was dead.
  5. Because Carlisle died, he never got to meet Alice Brandon and jasper Whitlock when they showed up at the Cullen house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1940’s. In 1918, Mary Alice Brandon was not committed to a mental hospital in her hometown of Biloxi, Mississippi. In fact, she was killed when her family hired an exorcist to get rid of her “visions.” But as for Jasper, however, he had ran away from Maria’s army during the mid-1860’s and never looked back. His part in this story will be revealed later.
  6. Because Carlisle died, he never got to meet Bella Swan when she moved to Forks, Washington. Bella never got to meet Edward Cullen because he never existed. She ended up marrying Mike Newton after graduating from high school.
  7. Because Carlisle died, he never got to meet Jacquelyn Claire Ulrich, nor did he get to meet her mother, Irene. Both mother and daughter had moved to Italy when Jacquelyn was 2 years old following a threat from Irene’s former fiancé, Warren Limpett. Irene soon fell into the wrong crowd and ended up dying in the lobby of a ritzy hotel when she was 27 years old. Her 7-year-old daughter, Jacquelyn, was made a ward of a rich family, a family she ran away from when she was 15 years old.
Jasper Whitlock and Jacquelyn Claire Ulrich were two people living in a messed-up world. But when they met one fun night, things were going to change forever…