The Demigod Team, part 6

Tilda Swinton as Jadis, the White Witch. Her c...

Tilda Swinton as Jadis, the White Witch. Her collar is made from Aslan’s mane, taken during his sacrifice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(the following is a parody of the A-Team)

Announcer: In the year 2010, four demigods were sent to prison for a crime that they didn’t commit. After breaking out of jail, they went underground, where they began their new lives as soldiers of fortune. Still on the run today, they reach out to anyone who needs help. If you have a problem, if there’s no one else who can help you, if you can find them, then you can call…the Demigod Team! (A-Team theme plays)



Percy: OK, so it’s decided. We go after the “A” Team.

Grover: Yeah. They have pushed us around long enough. Let’s get them!

Thalia: What about me? Do I have a say in this?

Annabeth: Well, technically, this is the “A-Team“, and we usually solve problems that not even the police can solve.

Luke: We have a problem in Narnia.

Annabeth: Such as…

Luke: A group of kids wants us to help them stop a white witch.

Percy: OK then. I say we head off to Narnia!

Peter: Thanks for coming, Demigod Team. We really needed your help. The White Witch wants to make it so that it’s always winter and never Christmas.

Grover: What is she? A grinch?

Percy: Don’t worry, we’ll solve this problem. Surely there has to be a good reason why she hates Christmas.

Annabeth: So, tell us why you hate Christmas.

Jadis: Well, it all began on my wedding day, when everything was great. That was, until my husband walked away from me.

Thalia: Ouch. That’s cold.

Jadis: Ever since that day, I’ve not been very happy. And since Christmas just happened to be our wedding anniversary, I’ve decided to get rid of Christmas.

Annabeth: Wow. How sad.

Thalia: I say we go after the husband and see what his deal is.

Percy: So, you and this woman got married and for some reason, things cooled off between you two?

Aslan: Well, we did fight a lot, especially over some rather unnecessary things, such as visiting the in-laws and magic, stuff like that. I must have hurt her a lot to make her hate Christmas.

Grover: What a douche.

Percy: Grover!

Grover: I was just saying that he didn’t need to fight with her so much. You know what they say, the women are always right.

Luke: And the sooner men accept that, the better.

Edmund: You guys won’t believe this, but Aslan and the White Witch were once married.

Lucy: Really?

Peter: That’s interesting.

Susan: So what happened?

Edmund: They’re not talking to each other right now.

Peter: That’s sad. We need to fix this.

Percy: OK  here’s the plan: We bring them to a neutral setting and have them talk it out.

Susan: Will it work?

Grover: Of course it’s going to work. We’re the Demigod Team. We know how to make things work. (Aslan shows up)

Aslan: This better be good, kids.

Annabeth: You just need to talk to her.

Edmund: This idea is ridiculous! She doesn’t want to talk to him! (Jadis shows up)

Jadis: Oh, is that so? (glares at Aslan) You have some nerve coming here.

Aslan: What about you? (they argue)

Annabeth: Darn. This could take a while.

(For the next few hours, they argue while the kids watch. Finally, Edmund has had enough of the fighting.)

Edmund: WILL YOU TWO CLAM UP??? (Everyone stares at him) Why are you guys fighting? Don’t you love each other?

Aslan: Well…

Lucy: You shouldn’t be fighting, that’s not right. Maybe instead of this war, you should kiss and make up.

Jadis: Should we?

Everyone: YES!!!

Aslan: Well, I suppose I could pay more attention to her emotional needs. Women have needs that must be met, and if the man doesn’t meet his wife’s needs, then there’s no point in being married.

Lucy: OK…

Jadis: Well, I kind of forgot why we were fighting in the first place, and this is what happens if you keep fighting without reaching a compromise.

Lucy: We did it! Thanks, Demigod Team!

Aslan: Not so fast, you guys! (everyone freezes) First, you have to do something for me.

Percy: Say what now?

Jadis: Part of the deal, kid. You helped us, now you must do something for us.

Percy: But this is the part where the show ends and I say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

Everyone: Sure you do, Percy.

March 15 Stories (part 3)

Instead of the usual batch of stories that I usually toss out on Fridays, this week, I’m going over the stories that I began on March 15, 2008:

  1. The Importance of Being Ernest; Ernest’s life story set against the events of the wizarding war (DEBATING)
  2. The New Trommerlys; Nicholette and Armany raise Lucien and Nausicaa in the wizarding world (ONGOING)
  3. The Baudelaires and Quagmires are hiding out in a northern town while trying to get back to Winnipeg. If only someone would let them… STORY: The End of this Tale; The Baudelaires and Quagmires go back to Winnipeg (ONGOING)
  4. The Pureblood Princess’s Tale; Jadis and Jaden discover who their grandfather is (DEBATING)
  5. I Love My Freakish Cousin; Dudley reveals that he has feelings for Harry (AVAILABLE; SEE ME IF YOU WANT THIS STORY!)
  6. Celebrity Life; the life of a celebrity is never easy, even if you’re a Movie Character (ONGOING)
  7. Tears in Heaven; As he dies, Sean recalls his life and says goodbye to his friends (DEBATING)
  8. Fowl’s 13; The gang heads to Casablanca to do battle with the mob (ONGOING)
  9. the 12 Pains of Christmas; Christmas and Death Eaters don’t mix (ONGOING)
  10. Dragon Wars; Anakin joins the fight against King Galbatorix, and he’s not too happy about that. (ONGOING)
  11. Boneless No More; Charlie has to protect his family from Lord Voldemort (ONGOING)
  12. Love Conquers All; Harry and Draco raise a family and face another dark lord (CANCELED)
  13. Harry Potter & the Girl-Who-Lived; in which Jacquel Potter (NOT Harry) survives Lord Voldemort’s attack on her family and she swears revenge against Dumbledore (ONGOING)
  14. Of Czars & Wizards; Jacquel discovers that a person from her past is at Hogwarts (ONGOING)
  15. Welcome Home, Warren Limpett; one man’s homecoming is not welcomed at all. (HIATUS)

I’ll be posting an update on these stories soon!

March 15 Stories (Part 2)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch ...

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of the usual batch of stories that I usually toss out on Fridays, this week, I’m going over the stories that I began on March 15, 2007:

  1. Evil Faith Princess; is Jacquel really a Malfoy? (CANCELED)
  2. Twins???; Who are the parents of Ernest Lestrange? Hint: it’s not Grant or Irene Jaspotelli (DEBATING)
  3. The Sinister Stalker; Count Olaf is gone, but why is someone stalking the Baudelaires? (ONGOING)
  4. Not Another Fantasy Movie!; the Movie Characters mess up all fantasy/sci-fi movies (ONGOING)
  5. Who Killed Seamus LeSouse Rowes; Sean leads an investigation into who killed his father after Seamus is found dead (DEBATING)
  6. The Quirrell Fan Club; Quirrell (now a successful actor) has a fan club. Death Eaters. (CANCELED)
  7. Narnian Fool; Pippin, Merry, Frodo and Sam somehow wind up in Narnia and they are forced to fight to free Narnia from the grip of the White Witch (ONGOING)
  8. Fowl’s 12; Artemis Fowl and the gang do another round of robberies (ONGOING)
  9. Taking Back What’s Mine; Regulus returns, kidnaps Sean, and gets revenge against Voldemort (CANCELED)
  10. A Failed Mission; the Rebel Force attacks Gondor and Hogwarts (ONGOING)
  11. Still Boneless; Charlie is now involved in the wizarding war (ONGOING)
  12. I Still Love You; after “A Forbidden Romance“, Harry and Draco are dealing with their feelings for each other while outside forces threaten to tear them apart (CANCELED)
  13. Narnian Invasion; a young man from Earth leads a fight against the White Witch (AVAILABLE; SEE ME IF YOU WANT THIS STORY!)
  14. The Lone Granger; Jacquel helps Hermione tap into her mysterious past (CANCELED)
  15. Stealing the Clinger; a mysterious Dark Lord takes over USA (CANCELED)

I’ll be posting an update on these stories soon!

March 15 Stories (part 1)

Instead of the usual batch of stories that I usually toss out on Fridays, this week, I’m going over the stories that I began on March 15, 2006:

  1. A Forbidden Romance; Are Harry and (Draco) Malfoy enemies or secret lovers? (ABANDONED AFTER CHAPTER 1)
  2. Sunny Side Up; After the events of ASOUE, 11-year-old Sunny Baudelaire gets sucked into another war (ONGOING)
  3. The Hookup; Quirrell and Karema (whose characters date onscreen in a movie) are rumored to be dating offscreen  (CANCELED)
  4. An Affair to Remember; a confession to a forbidden affair turns into a media circus (ABANDONED AFTER 4 CHAPTERS WRITTEN)
  5. Scary Movies; Regulus tries to find Sean after Sean and the Knights are kidnapped by an evil clown (ONGOING)
  6. My Runaway Bride; rather than marry a boy she doesn’t know or like, Marya runs away (DEBATING)
  7. My Big Fat Jedi Wedding; weird things happen at Luke and Temmy’s wedding (DEBATING)
  8. After the Havens; Frodo and Sam go to Hogwarts and Gandalf worries about them (AVAILABLE; SEE ME IF YOU WANT THIS STORY!)
  9. Boneless @ Hogwarts; Charlie Bone leaves Bloor’s and ends up at Hogwarts (ONGOING)
  10. The Unspoken Message; Voldemort and the Death Eaters must do good things instead of being evil (CANCELED)
  11. Fowl’s 11; Artemis Fowl gathers a team and they go rob a bank (ONGOING)
  12. The Wrath of Andreya Muty; Andreya overhears a plot against her life and has the Death Eaters kill the conspirators (DEBATING)
  13. Double Trouble; Harry must care for his disabled twin Rebecca (CANCELED)
  14. Narnia @ Bloors; the Children of the Red King help protect the Pevensies from the White Witch (AVAILABLE; SEE ME IF YOU WANT THIS STORY!)
  15. A Sad End; Voldemort takes over the world (CANCELED)

I’ll be posting an update on these stories soon!

Fowl’s 11 (not a rewrite!)

Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that this story had been written in the beginning of this blog, but I’m putting it back here for a good reason.


Date Started: March 15, 2006

Summary: Artemis and his group set out to rob several cruel villains. A spoof of Ocean’s 11 with crossovers with Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Setting: London, England; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; New York, New York

People/Parings: Artemis/Holly; Jacquel/Fred, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Neville/Ginny

Genre: Mystery, Action/Adventure, Humor/Parody

Rating: PG-13 for language, teens behaving badly and robbing banks, scenes of violence

summary: In less than 24 hours, Artemis Fowl and a ragtag group of teenagers from different books must band together and find a secret file that would secure the identity of one of their friends and/or bring a murder to justice.

Jacquel Romanov is the girl in question, and her family’s history had been kept hidden from her…until she finds out about the secret file that could reveal who she truly is and her true destiny.

And the antics of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and Neville Longbottom are nothing but the icing on the cake.

The story begins with a young Artemis and his family gathering at the deathbed of their grandfather, in which Angeline and Lucius get into a fight regarding Lucius’s illegitimate daughter, Jacquelyn Claire Ulrich. Many years later, Artemis is sent to stay with said uncle and cousins when he comes up with the idea to rob a bank, no thanks to Mulch’s spying activities.

He recruits Jacquel and Draco and all three gather allies and go in a race to find the secret file before a surprising foe does!

Ides of March Stories 2011

1st edition cover

Image via Wikipedia

Hello, everyone!

I usually don’t post on this blog except on Fridays, but once again, I have 15 stories that I want to share with you all.

First, the introduction…

Well, they did say “Beware the Ides of March“, but a certain Roman leader named Julius Caesar failed to heed that warning, and he ended up being stabbed in the back.

But long story short, I’ve got some stories that take place starting on this day (or close to it):

  1. Jacquel Rassenworth and her friends are being stalked by a mysterious person in the style of “Pretty Little Liars
  2. Artemis Fowl and the gang get busted during a heist and wind up at Camp Half-Blood
  3. Jacquel Potter and Selena Snape begin their family in a new country
  4. Before the wedding, Bella overhears a plot against her and runs off, leaving everyone behind
  5. the Charlie Bone fan fiction Characters have a fight
  6. the Millers grow up and leave Hogwarts, but not without some difficulty
  7. Neville Longbottom pens his life story
  8. the new Teen Rebels meet their 1990’s counterparts
  9. Czarist Russia…with steampunk technology!
  10. Charlie Bone, Percy Jackson, Lyra Belacqua, Quil Ataera, and Katniss Everdeen (along with several others) band together to take down Harry Potter
  11. weird things happen at a vampire convention
  12. the casts of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Avatar” get into a fight
  13. the Movie Characters return to deal with the vampire phenomenon
  14. strange things happen when the La Push Wolves film a reality show about themselves
  15. a fusion of various stories and “South Park”

At the end of the week, I’ll have the stories knocked into place, which means they’ll be released on this blog very soon! (I said this 2 years earlier and they’ve yet to see some action, so I’ll be writing them over the summer)

The 1-year anniversary of FanFiction Fridays

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, believe it or not, this is the one-year anniversary of this very blog. So there you have it. I am looking forward to another year of Fanfiction Fridays, where even more fun stuff will happen!

Fandoms I will be writing for in here:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Charlie Bone
  3. Twilight
  4. Mortal Instruments
  5. Inheritance Cycle
  6. Chronicles of Narnia
  7. Artemis Fowl
  8. Inkheart Trilogy
  9. His Dark Materials
  10. Lord of the Rings
  11. A Series of Unfortunate Events

So there you go. Expect some more fun every Friday!

Winter and Fate (Edmund’s POV)

My time here has begun.

In death or life, we must all suffer winter and fate. Even if we don’t want to. But it’s going to happen anyway and the best thing we can do is prepare for it.

But in my case. It had always been winter, even if it was the summer. But no one knows this but me. My brother laughs it off and even my sisters are unhelpful. But there are moments when I am happy and the winter is gone. And there are moments when the winter arrives and I’m happy, and then winter takes that away from me.

But now comes the time for me to end that winter forever. Lucy is returning to that strange place she spoke of earlier, and I will follow her. I will see what she sees. I will seek what she seeks. I will find a way to turn my immortal winter into an everlasting spring.

Fowl’s 11: Meet the Characters

  1. Artemis Fowl is a criminal genius who is in the middle of yet another plot when his mother, Angeline, decides to send him to his relatives for the summer.
  2. Butler is Artemis’s guardian; he goes with Artemis on his vacation and tries to keep him out of trouble.
  3. Harry Potter is the famous wizard who took down Lord Voldemort; however, he constantly needs to be rescued by Artemis whenever he comes to town.
  4. Jacquel Romanov is one of Harry‘s best friends; yet she discovers that she’s secretly related to Artemis in a not-so-good way…
  5. Draco Malfoy is Harry and Jacquel’s archrival; he’s in for a surprise when Artemis shows up as well as an unexpected sibling.
  6. Charlie Bone is a student at Bloor‘s Academy looking to get away from the Bloors and the Yewbeams, who he dislikes. But when he meets Artemis, Harry, Jacquel, and Draco, he sees an opportunity that is too good to pass up.
  7. Klaus Baudelaire is 1/3 of the Baudelaire orphans who joins Artemis and his gang in order to stop Count Olaf once and for all.
  8. Edmund Pevensie is one of the future kings of Narnia who gets lost on his way to meet with the White Witch and meets Artemis and his friends.
  9. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are also Harry’s best friends, and they go with Harry when he is dragged into Artemis’s schemes.
  10. Neville Longbottom is Jacquel’s best friend; when Jacquel is roped into joining Artemis, Neville reluctantly agrees to go with her.
  11. Holly Short was once a LEP until she met Artemis. Now she’s part of his crazy scheme (not unless he roped her into joining him as well!).

So there you have met the main players in this story. They (and several others) are going to not only rob a bank, but they are going to shake up the world as well…

But in the next chapter, we’re going to start at the beginning…I mean years before the story takes place…