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Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events

Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s the story about an angry TV producer who was so sick and tired of losing his TV shows to various reality TV shows (among them American Idol) that he decided to create a reality TV show of his own.

His boss, Shane Barrington, wanted in and so he recruited several people from different fandoms to be on the show, and their lives would be broadcasted to the world 24/7 for the next few weeks.

And the stars are:

  1. Shane Barrington (from Babylon Rising)
  2. Holly Short (from Artemis Fowl)
  3. Klaus Baudelaire (from a Series of Unfortunate Events)
  4. Edmund Pevensie (from Chronicles of Narnia)
  5. Charlie Bone (from the Children of the Red King)
  6. Percy Weasley (from Harry Potter)
  7. Raymie Steele (from Left Behind)
  8. Pippin Took (from the Lord of the Rings)
  9. Lando Calrissian (from Star Wars)
  10. Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean)
  11. Connie Virgil
  12. Alejandro Ortez del Torrez
  13. Jacquel Rassenworth

The odd thing is that it’s a reality show…WITHOUT the reality. BTW, it’s been rated PG-13.