Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, Minerva McGonagallwas still mourning. All the other teachers were worried about her. “Something’s not right about this,” said Hagrid. “I can feel it in me bones.”

“Poor Minerva,” said Madame Pomfrey. “I’ve never seen her this upset.”

“I believe we need to talk to her,” said Professor Sprout.

But Minerva refused to talk to her friends. She was too full of memories of the man she had loved. It had begun in her final year as a Hogwarts student, when an evil wizard had killed her parents and Professor Dumbledore comforted her. That led to a growing romance between them. She then recalled the day Dumbledore had asked her to marry him. Minerva then recalled the birth of their only child, Amber, and the joys of parenthood that came with her. There were many more happy moments, but most of them included Dumbledore. The last few memories that she could recall was the Christmas before and (more importantly) the birth of their granddaughter, Cygnus Athena McGonagall.

Would she find a way to go on with her life? She would, for she would have to lead the school, its students, its staff, and Amber. Just that thought sent tears streaming down her face. She felt the tiny hand of little Cygnus grabbing hers. Minerva looked down at her granddaughter and said, “It’s not right, isn’t it, Cygnus? You’ve loved someone your whole life and now they’re gone. Life’s not very nice, isn’t it?” The baby smiled and tugged at her grandmother’s dress. Minerva picked up Cygnus and said, “We’ll have to make the best of this, won’t we? Now let’s go find your mother and we’ll think of another plan. I, for one, won’t let any Dark Lord frighten me!”

And so the two witches walked back into the school, not knowing that danger was on the horizon…